This free course, Companies and financial accounting, introduces you to the legal characteristics of limited companies and how limited companies raise finance through ordinary shares and loan capital. It also introduces the interests of company stakeholders, and looks at three different perspectives on companies and their role in society. Finally, it introduces the formats of company financial statements in comparison with those of sole traders.

In this free course, Business models in strategic management, you will be introduced to the theory and practice of business models as they have developed in strategy literature. In particular, you will explore the emergence of the business model idea, types of business models and how business models can be designed. 

Inherent in this course is the idea that, despite being more frequently used in business, business models are not limited to the business context. Neither are they meant for strategic planning in organisations only. Rather they may have wider applications in our lives. For instance, you will see how they can be applied to build strategies of your professional development and career growth.